3 Tips to Help You Avoid Skipping a Planned Workout

Mar 06, 2014

Before the beginning of your day, have a lineup of your things to do. I like to have a set time of when I'm going to workout and go in knowing what type of workout I want to do. Usually, my workouts are reserved for after work, but like most people, my days often end up being more hectic than I expect.  Which in turn, I start searching for reasons to skip my workout.  However, I do these 3 things consistently to make sure I don't skip my workouts, and it works!

Stay Hydrated

 I've learned a long time ago hydration is a vital key to having a good workout. Therefore to avoid dehydration, I always keep a filled water bottle with me. This really allows me to stay hydrated throughout the day and is a constant reminder to drink water. Thus, allowing me to have the best workouts I possibly can when it comes time!

Planning my meals

 I like to plan my meals, so that there is structure in my day, and in return provides a great workout. It took me YEARS to understand that a healthy, good Breakfast is KEY to starting off your entire day from the get go. During the day I try to stay away from greasy, fatty foods that will bloat me up and slow me down through the day. I like to keep it light and simple for lunch. Example Soup and a Salad or a sand which with whole grain bread and meat ( sometimes cheese and very light with the condiments ). Than maybe one hour before my work out I like to get something in my stomach so a protein shake or a bar is usually my choice. And after, replenish myself with a healthy, hearty dinner with proteins and nutrients.

Having my workout bag packed

Before you head to work, I pack everything I need and bring my gym bag to work. Having it all together never makes me miss a workout, and it ensures you haven't forgot your clothes and shoes (like I have many times) to procrastinate and put off your workout.

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