5 Signs You're Over-Training

Oct 24, 2013

Feeling sore and tired after a good workout is normal, right? And how could it ever be possible to spend too much time at the gym?  Well it's very possible, and over-training can have serious consequences.  Here are 5 signs you might be over-training:


1) Unquenchable Thirst

Are you constantly thirsty no matter what you drink?  If you've increased your workouts or time spent at the gym, there's a chance you're over-training.  Your body may be in a catabolic state, which naturally causes dehydration.  Make sure you're getting plenty of rest and staying adequately hydrated with water.

2) Sore Muscles

We're not talking your run of the mill muscle soreness that lasts a day or 2.  That's normal! However, if you're sore more than 3 days, it's time to take a break.  You could be causing your body more harm than good by not allowing your body to adequately rest.

3) Insomnia

You've increased your workouts, but you're having difficulty sleeping.  Remember, your body grows and repairs itself while resting, not training.  If you're having serious trouble sleeping, you should plan on giving yourself a week off to allow your body and sleeping pattern to reboot itself.

4) Frequent Illnesses

If you've noticed you're battling the common cold or flu more than normal, it could be a result of over-training.  Being sick isn't part of a healthy lifestyle!  Again, when you're over-training, you body is in a catabolic state.  This lowers your immunity!

5) Injury Increases

Getting injured more often and re-aggravating old injuries is another common sign of over-training.  Again, you're not giving your body enough time to recuperate and properly heal!

I think we're beginning to see a trend here!  Remember that rest and exercise goes hand in hand.  Exercising is great, but no your limits, and listen to your body!

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