7 Steps to Change Your Health and Fitness for the Better

Aug 19, 2010

Written by Kat Gunsur, Fitness Director @ O2 Fitness Falconbridge

You have to want change in order to create change

Most clients want to lose weight, get a 6 pack, or feel like a healthy 25 year old again. There is a common goal in mind, but everyone goes about these goals in different ways….

  • Some want a quick fix
  • Some are willing to do what it takes now, but maybe not down the line
  • Some (and only some) are willing to make a lifestyle change

Those who decide to make health, fitness, and good nutrition a way of life will be the most successful!!! Studies have shown that people who lose over 30 lbs or more will gain back double that weight within two years! Why? They reached their goal and stopped reaching beyond it.

How can we get our clients to continue making goals after they reach milestone #1? The 7 steps I use below are not only for clients health and fitness goals, I apply them my own personal goals, my fitness team’s goals and beyond. Sure we may have all seen this before, but there is always time to reevaluate our goals and desires more then just on January 1st of every year!

  1. BE REALISTIC: Fitness/Health: Your daily nutrition should be something you can stick with. No crash diets, fads or pills. These are impossible to maintain. Think of what you're doing as a permanent lifestyle shift: "This is how I eat now."
  2. BE PATIENT: Don't try to lose too much too soon. 1-2 pounds per week is healthy and maintainable. Set small attainable goals. Break up a clients week loss into 8 small goals. Once they reach the first, celebrate it! And then move onto the next
  3. BE SUPPORTED: Surround yourself with friends and family that support your goal and don't try to bring you down. Come to boot camp, try a group fitness class, and of course come to your trainer for any questions or concerns you may have!
  4. BE VIGILANT: If you lose 10 lbs but gain 2 it's easy to think it's no big deal. But it's a slippery slope. Weigh yourself weekly and have a clear plan of action if the scale swings too far
  5. BE FLEXIBLE: In both your workout schedule and eating plan. Switch if you get bored. Try new cardio machines, take a hike on the weekend, try new foods you thought you wouldn’t like before
  6. BE ACTIVE: Take the stairs, park further away, take a post dinner walk with friends, family, your pets. Adding in just half an hour is all you need to burn calories and fat, gain muscle, temper cravings and increase feel good moods : )
  7. BE OPTIMISTIC: You're "failed attempts" do not have to keep you from trying again! If we have a “bad” lunch, that doesn’t mean we can’t turn around and have a much healthier dinner or fit in an extra workout. Don’t have an all or nothing attitude! Nobody is perfect, and there are always ways to try try again.

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