A Kick-Off to Better Eating Habits During Super Bowl Time

Feb 03, 2010

Written by: Paul Hodges, General Manager, O2 Fitness Brennan Station

I know several people that consider the Super Bowl to be the

biggest, most important holiday of the year. For most of us though,

the Big Game is just another excuse to party!

The only problem is that at most Super Bowl parties, junk food runs the field.

How terrible is it that you join a Raleigh gym in January with the hopes of

setting up  a routine your first month, and then you have a holiday

gathering of good friends, with calorie infested foods to indulge in!

While I am a firm believer in you shouldn't stress out too much about

things you enjoy, it does help to have alternatives.

Here are some recipes of delicious snacks that you can enjoy during the game

without doing too much damage to your health or physique. Besides, it

is much easier to eliminate 500 calories from your diet, than to burn

them off! Need help getting motivated? Talk to one of the personal trainers at any of our O2 Fitness locations :)

Low Fat Super Bowl Snacks

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