3 Fitness Tips to Take With You Into the New Year

Dec 30, 2017

As the New Year approaches, many people have a goal of getting into better shape. How to get there can be a challenge - where do you start?

NUTRITION: Keep a food log/diary!
  • Eat enough protein
  • Eat breakfast (always eat before a workout...approximately one hour before if possible)
  • Avoid processed foods
EXERCISE: Cross train!
  • Find the workouts that interest, motivate, and push you (don't even think for a moment there aren't any...be creative if you need to: classes, walking/running, cycling, weights, cardio machines, dancing, swimming, kayaking/rowing, hiking, [kick]boxing, climbing, etc.)
  • Keep a workout log
TRACK YOUR GOALS: Be realistic!
  • Create a plan that outlines your goals, the tasks needed to reach them, and a timeline of each action item. Write it down or type it in your phone's notepad - just make sure it's documented.
  • Telling someone your goals and finding a partner in training can help enormously with follow-through.
  • Now, get to work!

Remember: exercise should not be a choice.  It should be a part of your regular routine.  Don't ask yourself if you should do it - just do it.  If it's hard to find time to workout, preset exercise into your schedule each week. There is ALWAYS time for exercise if you make it. Any amount of time given to exercise is better than no time.

Proper nutrition and safe exercise will maximize your functioning, energy, and longevity, and psychological well-being. Make this year your healthiest yet!

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