Avoid the Summer Slip-Up! | Staying Healthy During the Summer

Jul 27, 2012

Written by: Chris Mitchell, GroupX Instructor + Personal Trainer, O2 Falls & Brennan

For many, summer is the most favorite time of the year.  There’s more daylight, warm temperatures, more family and community gatherings, beach, pool, and vacation time. In general, we tend to be more active this time of year, but it’s important to be aware of a few things to stay healthy and fit during the summer months:

Fruits & Veggies

Though more fresh fruits and vegetables are available this time of year, and the more healthy cooking option of grilling is popular, we tend to eat away from the home more frequently.  This can often involve eating more and not as healthy as usual. Try to avoid the higher fat, less healthy grilling options such as hot dogs and beef hamburgers.

Dips and Salads

Watch the dips and salads loaded in mayonnaise and sour cream.  Put more focus on raw fresh fruits and vegetables.  And beware of the liquid calories you consume.  It's hot and there are lots of parties and chill time, and we often move away from water to more alcoholic drinks, soda, and other beverages that contain lots of calories and carbs. For a nice refresher, try a pitcher of Crystal Light mixed with sparkling water and ice.

Don't Skip the Workouts

Try to not to skip out on the workouts.  Exercise provides huge physical and psychological benefits.  You may have been a person who's worked so hard for this season to come, and you are looking great in that bathing suit (well done!), but don't lose your focus now. If you're unable to get to the gym, or as often as usual, take advantage of great outdoor activities, like hiking, swimming, walking/jogging, cycling, kayaking or paddle boarding.

Time of Day and Working Out

Be careful of the times you choose to exercise outdoors due to high temps (stick to early morning or evening), dress accordingly, and wear sunscreen.  If you are not motivated to go to the gym but know you need to in order to get the workout done, take classes (they are so motivating, and bring a sense of group effort and camaraderie, plus you don't have to think...the instructor does it for you).  Or find a workout buddy and/or hire a personal trainer for motivation and encouragement, and the obligation to show up.

Enjoy your summer, have fun, and remember to take good care of your body in the meantime...it's the only one you've got!

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