Bootcamp at O2 Fitness!

Nov 06, 2012

Written by Rutland Tyler, Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Falconbridge

Why should you participate in Bootcamp? Well, why not? Do you come to the Raleigh gym 3 or 4 times a week and do "a little cardio on my own." If you did chest and triceps last Monday, there is a good chance that you are stuck in a fitness routing and will be doing chest and triceps next Monday and the Monday after that.

Changing Up Your Workout Routine

The problem with 90% of people's workout problems is the predictable nature of them. People often repeat the same hum drum exercises because they are comfortable, easy, and familiar. The real challenge lies in accepting a workout program that doesn't just walk you through the same motions over and over and over.

Einstein said "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Guess what? He was right. If you do 50 pushups and run one mile every day at the same pace you will be able to bang out 50 pushups and run that mile but your improvement will be at a snails pace. Constant variation of your routine and relying on the programming knowledge of a boot camp instructor is probably the fitness route Einstein would have chosen. Last time I checked he was pretty smart :)

Strength in Numbers at O2 Fitness Bootcamp Classes

There is an old saying that states, "There is strength in numbers." that statement is very true. Expand your vision and think what that means. In a bootcamp setting you can rely on the strength of both your trainer and your fellow workout partners. Humans are competitive creatures. If someone is standing beside you is just as tired as you are and you see them refuse to stop, or do one more rep, or work until they collapse, are you going to quit? No. You will work harder within a group than by yourself.

So sign up for a bootcamp class at ANY O2 Fitness! Your free class is FREE! I'm willing to bet you will come back!

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