Breaking The Stereotype: One Man's Journey with Yoga

Jan 23, 2014

Written by: Bruce Gibson, O2 member for 11 years

Almost seven years ago I took my first Yoga class at the O2 Fitness Club in North Raleigh.  At that time not too many guys were taking Yoga classes at O2 Fitness. In fact, at my O2 location, I was the only one. Since I had never participated in Yoga, this was a “fish out of water” moment for me. Fortunately, the O2 Yoga instructor was very supportive of my new adventure. I discovered early on that I like Yoga, and like a majority of Group X classes, it’s not just a class for women.


So why did I try Yoga in the first place?

While I was very diligent in my cardio, respiratory and strength training, there was one component of fitness I knew I was ignoring; flexibility. My limited exposure to Yoga told me that Yoga might help. And I was right. I was also surprised that in actuality, Yoga could enhance every aspect of my fitness.

The two most unexpected benefits:

  • Improved balance
  • Enhanced mind/body connection

Both have improved my other training disciplines immensely.

Over the years, I have talked to some that have never practiced Yoga, who dismiss Yoga as too easy. Others believe it to be too difficult. For the uninitiated, the Yoga “practice” involves moving through a series of postures.  Good instructors provide modifications to the postures if you are unable to perform them.  You will be told the practice is yours and you can make it as difficult as you wish.

My Experience

I personally have attended O2 Yoga classes that involved some of the most physically taxing exercise I have ever performed. I have also attended gentle Yoga classes that provide an amazing amount of stretch and relaxation.  At O2 Yoga, you will find instructors that can provide whatever level of Yoga you desire. It is always a good idea to make the Yoga instructor aware if you are taking your first Yoga class.

Yoga is taught at all O2 Fitness Club locations, including the Express club in Wake Forest where I practice. Schedules are posted online at the O2 Fitness Clubs website every week.

So if you are new to Yoga, then join me in an O2 Yoga practice. You’ll be glad you did.

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