O2 Fitness Club Recipes: Champagne Bitters Buffet by The Architect Bar and Social House

Dec 13, 2012

This is ideal for hosting a New Years Eve event. Allow your guests to customize their cocktails with a “champagne buffet.” Arrange champagne flutes, a variety of fruit, and cocktail bitters on a serving table. If you haven’t used bitters before this is a great opportunity to show off your cocktail sophistication.

And don’t worry they’re not actually bitter, just packed with flavor. Aaron Seelbinder, a culinary mixologist at The Architect Bar and Social House in Raleigh, provides some helpful tips below to make these 'bitters' bittersweet.


Making a Champagne Bitters Buffet:

Match orange bitters with a slice of orange or cherry bitters with, you guested it, cherries. Or take a more culinary approach with Fee Brothers  Aztec Chocolate and fresh raspberries.

These burst with flavor and skinny in at about 90 calories. Not a bad way to kick off a New Year’s Resolution.

Aaron’s Tips: 

Keep the champagne in an ice bucket to keep the bubbles in and the champagne crisp and cold. If the party gathers in the kitchen fill your sink with ice and shove a few bottles in. Set the garnishes on the kitchen counter, and you’re done. 

You can purchase Fee Brothers at A Southern Season (call for availability) or on Amazon.com.  Cheers and Happy New Years!

Recipe prepared for O2 Fitness and The Architect Bar and Social House by Aaron Seelbinder, The Culinary Mixologist.  The Architect Bar and Social House is located at 108 1/2 E. Hargett St. Raleigh, NC 27601.

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