Chi Running & Posture: Making the Connection

May 21, 2013

Written by Mike Winkfield, Fitness Director, O2 Fitness Fuquay

There has been a lot of interest in the Chi running style. Not sure what Chi Running is? Read about it here.

Although its been around for some time, it seems as if that is all people are talking about now. For runners who are overweight, those with flexibility, injuries, and postural issues, this is agreat way to get started again.

Trading in Bad Posture for Good

Have you ever gone for a long run and had to quit due to lower back pain? More often than not this is due to a break in posture. Posture is the single most important component of running.

If posture is bad, then the body has to exert more energy by borrowing from other muscles to keep the body upright therefore usually making for a shorter more painful run.

With good posture the skeletal structure holds the body up instead which lends itself to injury and pain free running. The body needs to be aligned vertically.

Chi Running = More Than Just a 'Posture' Thing

There is more to Chi Running than just posture. You need to focus and cut out the inside mind chatter, think about your running style and listen to your body. Be sure to keep a great playlist if you like to listen to music. Also, stay flexible in your muscles and your tendons.

Running should be easy and effortless, if its not, then you're not doing it right and an O2 Fitness Personal Trainer can help you correct your form.

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