5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Exercising

Sep 22, 2010

Written by Brittany Johnson, Membership Consultant, O2 Fitness Cary

Despite the benefits of regular physical activity, only 60% of Americans are active at recommended levels.  Sadly, these people are missing out on the benefits that exercise provides such as improving heart strength and relieving stress.  The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that we get more than 30 minutes of physical activity at least five days a week.  As long as this activity causes you to raise your heart rate and break a sweat, it does not have to be painful or joyless.  Find an activity you enjoy! Grab some company! Here are some creative suggestions for reaching daily physical activity recommendations:

    1. Make exercise a social activity -

Find a partner to exercise with from work, your neighborhood, or local gym.  Set regular times to work out together.  Being held accountable not only is helpful to meeting your goals, but it is also a good way to support social wellness.

  1. Find a local park - Parks are a great way to incorporate many different aspects of exercise.  There are endless options such as walking trails, to playgrounds, to ample room to play games such as Frisbee or football. Go online and find a local park: http://findlocalparks.com/
  2. Engage in your favorite outdoor activity - Activities such as hiking, swimming and gardening are not only fun leisure activities, but can be used to help meet your daily physical activity requirements.
  3. Get the family involved - Go on a walk as a family.  Play an outdoor game.  Find an exercise video.  Anything that will get the family moving can be helpful to not only ensure that you are getting the benefits of physical activity, but that your children are, as well!
  4. Take a class - From yoga to ballroom dancing…a class can be a great way to find a physical activity you like as well as a social networking outlet.

Do you have any other suggestions or creative ideas to get the blood pumping?

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