Don't Get Defeated - A Guide to Common Fitness Frustrations

Apr 05, 2013

Written by: Nicki Wilson, Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Brennan

Maybe it was the day you realized your favorite pair of jeans had grown a bit snug, or a sideways glance in the mirror a little of a muffin top in the tummy area. Whatever it was, it got you off the couch and into the gym and gave you the strength to just say no to the Monday morning bagels and doughnuts at the office.

That was then and this is now.  Now you are eating fresh fruit cups and low-fat yogurt. Work can get in the way, kids need to go to practices, or your just too tired so you skipped the gym this week.

Like it or not we all fall victim to some of the frustrations that come with jumping on and off the health and fitness wagon.  Don't worry - there are ways to circumnavigate these frustrations that can get you back on track.


Common Fitness Frustrations 

"I just can't do it"

How to fight it: Develop patience. Think of weight loss as a long term investment, not something that can be done in a day.

"Lose it, gain it right back"

How to fight it: Slow it down. Take a slower approach to fitness. Set up a realistic schedule that you can stick to for two to three months.

"Weight Plateaus"

How to fight it: Reassess the situation. Identify the problem or see what's missing from your new routine. Change up routine of exercise. Plateaus can occur if you are exercising too much or not taking in enough calories.

"Bored beyond belief"

How to fight it: It's okay to take a day off once in a while. Also - try a group fitness class or hire a personal trainer to help keep things fresh.

"My trouble zones are still troubling"

How to fight it: Focus on the positive physical changes you've already made. Continue sticking with your program and the results will appear over time.

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