Facing My O2 Fitness Group X Fears

Nov 01, 2013

Written by: Vic Victorino, General Manager, O2 Fitness - Brennan

Over the years I have been invited to take group fitness classes numerous times. Most times I had every intention of joining in, but I always found a reason or excuse why I couldn't.

Fast forward to just a few days ago, I was invited again to RPM(indoor cycling), and like in the past, I quickly respond with an 'ok' after being put on the spot. I mean, I am in a fitness profession.  I should be attending these classes anyways.  However, as soon as I accepted, I started to think of an excuse not to make it.

Why?  Because it's scary!  And for a plethora of reasons.

So the next day arrives, and I know I have 8 hours to find an excuse!  I'm now 30 minutes away from class starting, and I've got nothing.  Jim, our instructor walks in, and I feel as if he was waiting all day to get me involved in his class. I'm sure it was a combo of his passion for cycling and the new GM at his mercy. There was no getting out of it. Now the butterflies start in my stomach, and the thoughts start lining up...

You know the thoughts I'm talking about:

  • I've fallen a bit out of shape.
  • Everybody knows what they're doing.
  • And will I even be able to finish?

I get to class and the atmosphere was actually inviting. There were members of all fitness levels, and it just had a great feel of community.  What a comfortable atmosphere. I immediately felt I was a part of something. The class starts and you could feel the energy, fear was out the door! I could go on, but long story short, with Jim leading the pack I made it through the class, and it felt great!  The ride challenged me but was easy to follow. I think a couple more times, and I will get it down.

Wait, did I just commit to another class?

So, ladies and gentlemen, I know how you feel. I know many of you out there like myself, have felt the same way when attending a group fitness class, but what I found out was, besides being fun and the sense of accomplishment, there are many other benefits of group fitness classes such as :

  • It's way more fun working out with other people than working out alone.
  • In a group setting, you're more likely to finish your workout.
  • You meet friends in class, which means you're more likely to keep coming. Friends hold friends accountable
  • The music in a group fitness class creates an atmosphere that keeps you moving to the beat pushing yourself as far as you can go.
  • Instructors are amazingly fun and creative people  who have the ability to make you work hard without you really knowing it.
  • Statistics show members who take group fitness classes stick to their programs a lot longer and get quicker results
  • And for those of you who only hit the weights, group fitness is not a bad way to burn calories in the form of body fat.

So what are you waiting for?

There are a variety of classes at any O2 Fitness to choose from with a community of people just like you. I cant wait for the next invitation! In fact, I'll do one better, who's coming with me?

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