10 Exercises to Help You Fight Chronic Pain

Nov 08, 2010

Written by: Paul Hodges, General Manager, O2 Fitness Brennan

Experts believe that chronic pain is a condition resulting in several unfavorable and unpleasant events including physical immobility, decreased energy levels, muscle strains, obesity, mood disorders, depression and the list goes on…Naturally, all chronic pain sufferers in order to reduce their suffering rely on rest. Initially resting may be good, but later on this natural habit may become an obstacle in the way of recovering and prevents a person from visiting the doctor.

Click here for a list of 10 Exercises; all physical activities that are part of a beneficial plan to reducing ones body pain, as well as increasing the overall enjoyment of exercising.  For this, you have to get in contact with your doctor and learn these exercises that’ll not only better your chronic condition, but will also be safe and fun to perform.

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