Getting Remotivated After a Fitness Setback

Dec 26, 2013

We've all experienced setbacks.  They're part of life!


Experiencing a fitness setback, just like any other setback, is something we all experience.  I think we can all agree, this time of year is where most of us see a weight gain setback.

Here are some tips to help turn your setback into a comeback!

  • Weigh yourself.  This can be tough, and can sometimes get you down.  However, you have to know what you gained in order to know what you need to lose, right?
  • Once you've weighed yourself, set a realistic and manageable goal.  This is so important!  You're not going to lose 20 lbs overnight.  Nothing worth having comes easy, right? Same applies to weight loss.  It's going to take hard work and time.
  • Change your eating habits.  Again, be realistic.  It's tough to quit something cold turkey.  Save yourself the headache.  Wean yourself from bad habits.
  • Get excited!  Remember how great you felt when you were working out regularly?? You had more energy, you were stronger physically and mentally, and overall, just more comfortable in your own skin!  You can get these feeling back! You WILL get back into shape!
  • If you need help, ask for it!  Sometimes you need a little extra help developing and sticking to new changes.  And that's ok! Participate in Group X classes, hire a trainer, or see a nutritionist.  These are all great tools at your disposal to help you reach and maintain your health.

Getting back into shape is tough for everybody, but you can do it!

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