Getting in Shape for the Big Day

Apr 09, 2014

Written by: Josh Hartman, O2 Member and Photographer from Hartman Outdoor Photography

Trying to get in shape before the big day?

My wife and I know that’s easier said than done. It’s something we struggle with on a daily basis. With exercise, motivation is definitely the main obstacle in keeping with a routine. And what can we say, we love our chocolate desserts and perhaps a few too many ice cold beers. In the past few months, however, we have been cutting back on the beer and attending group classes at our local O2 Fitness. We’ve been burning between 500 and 750 calories a class and we’re having fun doing it! Group classes are the little motivation we need to keep us going to the gym. We’re even joining the O2 Fitness BootCamp. Talk about intense!

When you’re planning a wedding, it can be easy to get distracted with all the little details. But getting in shape should not be the last item on a bride-to-be’s checklist. If you’re behind in your fitness goals, join the club. No seriously, join us every week for group classes. O2 Fitness just started Shape Up Downtown, free group classes for the entire month of April. The classes take place at the turf in City Plaza in downtown Raleigh. Shelley and I will be there at least once week, so just send us a message if you’d like to come along. And if you can't make it to Shape Up Downtown, a new round of BootCamp classes start at all 12 locations in May!

Here are some of our photos from last week's BodyCombat class. Click here for more information on Shape Up Downtown with O2 Fitness.

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