Grab a Friend! How Workout Buddies Can Help You!

Jun 11, 2013

Written by: Patrick Edenfield, Personal Trainer/TRX Instructor, O2 Fitness Falls

For many of us, the motivation necessary to get to the gym throughout the week does not come easy.  Workout partners are a perfect tool that anyone can use to get to the gym when self-will just isn’t enough.

Skipping your daily workout becomes much more difficult when you know a friend will be waiting for you, and the benefits of training with a friend stretch far beyond that of just getting your feet though the gym doors.

Being Accountable to Each Other - to Your Fitness Goals

Think back on your solo workouts, how many times have you been in the middle of a workout and wished you had the power to squeeze out of few more reps or had enough gas in the tank to finish those last few sets?  If you are like me, this happens more than we would like to admit!

Having someone by your side holds you accountable for the time you spend in the gym, and at times, adds that needed inspiration when you’re having a hard time getting - or staying - focused.


The Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Workout partners can also be beneficial for those who have no problem getting to the gym and working through an exercise regimen each day.  Having a friend spot your reps can lead to more than just a safer workout.  After a certain point, strength gains are hard to come by and making that 5lb increase in weight used is much harder than one would think.

Having a spotter will get you those last repetitions that would be impossible to complete otherwise.  With controlled movements, and a full range of motion throughout the lift, your muscles will respond in just the way you would like them to…BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER!!

Celebrate Your Fitness Accomplishments

Celebrating the success of your favorite sports team is much more enjoyable when surrounded by people who are all cheering by your side.  Fitness accomplishments work the same way.  Rather than patting yourself on the back when you lose another pound, lift a heavier weight, or cut time off your mile; having someone with you to share in those successes will make the feeling so much greater.

It is often times hard for us to notice the subtle differences and changes in our bodies since we see ourselves every day, but that does not mean they aren’t there.  The changes, although slow and gradual to us, will be much more pronounced when being viewed from an outside perspective.  Use the eyes of your friends to your advantage!

Body Transformations at O2 Fitness

From working in the fitness industry, I notice the impressive body transformations in O2 Fitness members everyday.  When I take notice, and share what I see, the input goes a long way to ensure continued motivation.  By having someone with you through your fitness journey, it is like having your own personal cheering section.

Intrinsic motivation gets us to the gym, but the knowledge that people can see the difference in our bodies keeps us there.  Grab someone who shares common goals, being able to go set for set and muscle group for muscle group ensures you are each getting what you want out of the work that you are putting in!

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