How to Avoid the Holiday Break from Exercise

Dec 26, 2013

It is the Holiday Season!

The time of the year where we surround ourselves with family and friends from all over the country.  We eat delicious foods, drink seasonal beverages such as egg nog and take vacation time from work...and the gym.  It is okay, we understand that your routine is far from the norm.  Your house that usually sleeps 4 now must accommodate a comfortable 12.  Cleaning, conversing, and maybe even caroling will try to keep you away from the gym.

Don't let it!

Remember how far you have came along this year.  Do not forget about that intense RPM class that left you realizing that your goals are within reach.  The gym is the ultimate stress reliever because what it does for your mind, body and mood.  But some may say it is because weights do not talk back.  This time of the year is perfect to dump holiday related stress into a brutal BodyPump class.

Enjoying the holidays does not mean you cannot consume the foods you only eat at this time.  Just do not fall off the gym wagon for an “extended” week.  Another alternative is to bring your family and friends into the gym with you.  You may spark their interest in fitness with a stroll on the treadmill.

If your busy schedule, potentially achieved goals or bringing the family with you to the gym still keeps you away from us, feel free to read the average calories of our holiday favorites!

  • 1 Cup of Eggnog 343 Calories
  • ½ Deviled Egg 73 Calories
  • 1 Slice of Fruitcake 324 Calories
  • 6oz of Ham 300 Calories
  • ½ Cup of Green Bean Casserole 225 Calories
  • ½ Cup of Stuffing 180 Calories

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