Making Fitness a Habit

Aug 03, 2012

Written by: Lisa Weber, Personal Trainer @ O2  Fitness Cary

So you say you want to get fit?  Need I say it starts with a new habit?  It IS just a habit. Creating a new way of doing things begins with a thought and then an action that is different from what you did yesterday.  We are natural born creatures of habit.

Our comfort zone relies on these habits.  Once we've established strong neuropath ways in our thought patterns, our actions or habits of thinking and doing become an integral part of our every day way of life.

Establishing a New Habit of Fitness

By establishing a new habit (thought & action) there is usually significant 'resistance' encountered to stay on that new pathway of thought. Thoughts, to move forward towards the new habit must become the main objective and main focus of desire if the new habit is to take shape.

For example, you want to become fit.  You decide you want to start going to the gym. You begin by thinking everyday about the hour you are going to make time for the gym. You establish this time for yourself over and over and over again until it becomes an obsessive thought and you see yourself at the gym between 5:30 & 6:30pm every day, 5 days a week. That time frame becomes your time.

Creating Time for You

That time becomes your fitness hour. That time is 'the time' YOU'VE ESTABLISHED FOR YOU!  Over and over and over again, you say it to yourself as if it is  already done and you've already been going, time and time again. You must FOCUS all of your attention towards seeing yourself at the gym. Imagine yourself working out, using weights, running the treadmill and feeling GREAT! Imagine you looking GREAT!  If you want to get fit,  you MUST  create the HABIT of thinking of a fitter you!

A habit  starts with you, focusing your mind, your thoughts and attention on that time of the day which is established for you and is repeated over and over in your mind again and again, with power and intention  to create a new way of doing things.  Recreate it.  It's just a habit!  Peat and repeat were in the boat, peat fell out, who was left?  Get it? ;)

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