Kinesis: A Growing Fitness Trend at NC Fitness Clubs

Jun 15, 2011

Written by Drew Schultz, NC Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Falls/540

Are you a NC health and fitness club member at O2 Fitness Falls/540? Haven't you been wondering what the Kinesis machines are? Well here is your chance to learn some more about this amazing workout!

Kinesis is a growing fitness trend. It was started to give Olympic-level athletes the capability to perform specific movements in a three-dimensional setting, a benefit that traditional equipment does not allow for. Technogym, the manufacturer, decided to implement Kinesis in the fitness club setting as a way for members to get even better results and progress from their workouts.

Benefits include- movement through all planes of motion, 30-50% more calorie burn, cardio and muscular endurance, balance, and flexibility. You never plateau because the personal trainer plans the workout in advance, and has a superior knowledge base to create a unique workout for you each time.

An example, a client of mine and a member of O2 Fitness, David, comes in for one-on-one personal training workouts with me three times a week. He decided to join in on a Kinesis group session. The constant movement for the fifty minutes allowed him to burn a whopping 751 calories-  a 50+% increase from his typical 450-500 calorie burn.

Whether you are looking to get in better shape beyond what the elliptical and treadmill offer, or are training for an endurance event (several half marathoners have enjoyed regularly attending kinesis once a week) Kinesis offers virtually unlimited potential for you to reach and surpass your fitness goals. Give it a try, and start reaping the rewards now.

Keep an eye out for my next blog where I will be discussing creating your own personal calorie deficit- and how you have the tools to do it through diet and exercise!

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