March Mashup Group Fitness Sampler

Feb 19, 2019

Mix things up next month at our first-ever March Mashup. Bring your crew and power through a morning of unique group fitness class combinations on Saturday, March 2. Enjoy an old favorite or try something new with up to three hours of back-to-back 30-minute classes at a club location near you.

Class combinations vary from high-intensity cardio and strength training to mind~body to indoor cycling. Start with 30 minutes of BodyPump followed by 30 minutes of BodyFlow at O2 Brier Creek, or sweat it out with HIIT followed by O2 Yoga at O2 Carrboro.

Choose your location in the dropdown menu below to find out your club’s March Mashup schedule. 

Members and non-members welcome, so bring a friend! 

March Mashup

Class Schedules

8am  HIIT & Yoga

9am  Zumba & Cardio Flow

10am  Pilates & BodyFlow

8:30am  BodyCombat & Barre

9:30am  BodyPump & Zumba

8:30am  BodyPump & Zumba

9:30am  CXWorx & BodyCombat

9:30am  O2 Cycle & O2 Yoga

8:30am  Jam & Flow

9:30am  Barre & Pump

9:30am  AquaX

10:30am  Sprint & Combat

8:30am  RPM (Cycle Studio)

9am  BodyPump

9:30am  Tabata

10am  Core/Stretch

10:30am  BOOM

11am  Zumba Gold

Group Fitness Studio

8:30am  BodyPump

9am  CXWorx

9:30am  HIIT

9:30am  RPM

10am  BodyCombat

10:30am  Zumba

Mind~Body Studio

10am  Yoga

Cycle Studio

9:30am  RPM

Group Fitness Studio

8:30am  HIIT

9am  BodyStep

9:30am  BodyPump

10am  Core

10:30am  Sh'bam

11am  Zumba

Cycle Studio

9am  RPM

10am  O2 Ride

Mind~Body Studio

9:30am  m'bala

10am  BodyFlow

10:30am  O2 Yoga

8:30am  BodyCombat & CXWorx

9:30am  BodyPump & Tabata

10:30am  Barre & Yoga

9am  m'bala & HIIT

10am  BodyCombat & CXWorx

11am  BodyPump & BodyFlow

9am  BodyPump & BodyCombat

10am  BodyAttack & CXWorx

11am  BodyPump & BodyFlow

8:30am  BodyPump

9am  Rampage

9:30am  BodyCombat

10am  Barre

10:30am  CXWorx

11am  m'bala

9am  Total Body Conditioning & Barre

10am  BodyPump & BodyCombat

11am  BodyFlow & Yoga

Cycle Studio

8:30am  Bikes & Barre

Group Fitness Studio

9:30am  BodyPump & BodyStep

10:30am  Power Pilates & Yoga

8:30am  Spin & Chisel

9:30am  BodyPump & Power Pilates

10:30am  BodyFlow & Zumba

8:30am  BodyPump & HIIT

9:30am  BodyStep & Tabata

10:35am  Zumba

8:30am  BodyPump & BodyCombat

9:30am  Zumba & Chisel

8:15am  BodyAttack & BodyCombat

9:30am  BodyPump & Core

10:40am  Tabata & Pilates

9:30am  Zumba

10am  Grit & BodyPump

11am  Barre

Group Fitness Studio

9am  BodyCombat & BodyFlow

10am  Cardio & BodyPump

11am  Core & Yoga

9:30am  Kickboxing & BodyPump

8:30am  Strength Training

9am  O2 Ride

9:30am  BodyPump

10am  O2 Yoga

10:30am  Zumba

11am  WERQ

Group Fitness Studio

8:30am  Define

9am  Barre

9:30am  BodyPump

10am  Core

10:30am  WERQ

11:15am  Zumba

Cycle Studio

8:30am  RPM

9am  BodyFlow

Mind~Body Studio

9:45am  Yoga (full class)

Group Fitness Studio

8:30am  BodyCombat

9am  Zumba

Cycle Studio

8am  O2 Ride (full class)

9:30am  RPM

10am  BodyFlow

Mind~Body Studio

8:30am  Barre

9am  HIIT

9:30am  Yoga (full class)

9am  HIIT & BodyPump

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