Member Spotlight: Avery

Feb 19, 2018

Avery TransformationNew year, new goals.


Last winter, Avery joined O2 Fitness to kick off her weight-loss journey. After losing 10 pounds from group fitness classes and cardio on her own, she thought it wouldn’t hurt to give her two free personal training sessions a try.


Fast forward one year later: Avery has lost a total of 53 pounds with the help of weekly sessions with her trainer, Kayle. We sat down with Avery and Kayle to catch up on Avery’s personal training experience that led to her transformation.


O2: Tell us how you started.  

Avery: When I started, I used to tell Kayle I had no previous training whatsoever. My legs had a lot of muscle in them, but that’s because I was overweight and was carrying a lot of body fat.

Kayle: We started off with more cardio in the beginning and had to build up her stamina and her conditioning.

Avery: In the beginning I got tired really quickly. We couldn’t do half the exercises I do now.


O2: How did you begin to gain strength and endurance through each personal training session?

Avery: Now that we’ve figured out how my body moves, what worked, and what didn’t work, I actually do mostly strength training and barely any cardio.

Kayle: You’ve gotten so strong!


O2: It can be tough to stay motivated. How does Kayle inspire you to push yourself harder?

Avery: Kayle is very encouraging - that helps me. Having a trainer that was always harping on me wouldn’t be a good fit. She’s always been encouraging, telling me I’m getting better, and telling me what I’m doing right.Avery and Kayle


O2: How has your experience with personal training affected other aspects of your life?

Avery: Overall, I feel more confident. I’ve definitely noticed. I used to have a bad self-image which isn’t really the case anymore. I know I still have things to work on, but I don’t dwell on those.


O2: What advice would you give to someone who is considering working with a personal trainer?

Avery: I’d say at least try it like I did. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time. You don’t see results immediately. We’ve been doing it for months now and there are definitely results. So, try it and stick with it!


Each O2 membership comes with two free personal training sessions. Take advantage of yours today and get a head start on your fitness goals. Ready, set, go!

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