Member Spotlight: Jan

Feb 15, 2018


It’s all too easy to get stuck in a routine and continue with the same workouts while looking for new results.

Jan joined O2 Fitness in Mount Pleasant seeking a fresh start to her fitness routine after moving from Chicago to South Carolina. When she joined, she took advantage of her two free personal training sessions and hasn’t looked back. Two years later and 49 pounds down, she is sharing her personal training journey and feeling happier and healthier than ever.


Why did you decide to sign up for O2 Fitness personal training? What was your goal?

It was a myriad of things - predominately weight loss. I’m in my 50’s and I’m concerned about muscle mass loss as well. I wanted to do something that would help me stave off muscle mass loss as I get older and feel healthier in general.

What was the most challenging obstacle that you’ve faced throughout your training sessions?

Finding the time to go is tough but once I get there, I’ve found I need more assistance in balance, upper body strength, and endurance. I had not been training in two or three years when I started up with Adam. And obviously weight is a challenge. When I started with him I was at 224 I’m now down to 175.

Motivation is tough. How does your O2 personal trainer inspire you to push yourself harder?

Sometimes on your own, you do the same exercises thinking you’re going to get wonderful results. Part of what motivates me about working with Adam is the diversity. He changes up the routines regularly so it’s never boring and he challenges me. He surprises me quite a bit. When I think, “I should stop here,” he pushes me further. He gives me the motivation and confidence to do that.

There’s also a sense of caring from him. He wants you to succeed, he’s enthusiastic about what he’s doing and it’s feverish. He’s personable, too. Adam says hello to everybody. We can walk around the club and he knows everyone’s name and makes everyone feel comfortable.

How has your experience with O2 Fitness personal training affected other aspects of your life?

First of all, I’m definitely eating much healthier. Everyone knows what they should and shouldn’t eat for the most part but I’m definitely more mindful of that. After a workout the last thing you want to do is eat something to ruin your session.

Overall I’m less irritable, I’m feeling better about myself, sleeping better, taking care of myself more. I haven’t even gotten sick and I don’t get headaches. I feel, overall, very well!

What advice would you give to someone who is considering working with an O2 personal trainer?

Pick the right trainer who understands what your goals are and who challenges you. I have to admit, after a day of work I don’t always want to do push-ups but you need to make sure you follow suit on things.

If you’re considering working with a trainer you have to be committed and really want to go. What I like about working with Adam is the accountability. If I’m late, I have to do burpees and I hate those. So I’ve been on time this year!

Favorite workout or move your O2 trainer has taught you:

Definitely not burpees! I’m always trying to work on my core and my balance with planks and plank jacks. Sometimes we work out outside which is fun.

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