Member Spotlight: Valerie

Feb 07, 2018

“I was ready to take control of my physical well-being, get fit, and lose a little weight but needed some assistance and accountability.”


Valerie is a former college athlete who was seeking fresh motivation after eight years of ineffective workouts. She knew she needed to get back on track with working out but had no idea where to begin.


She decided to start personal training this past December at the Hanover O2 Fitness location in Wilmington, N.C. Her trainer, Tom, specializes in strength training, athletic performance, and weight loss.


Each week, Tom and Valerie work together to set four goals per session. “If he sees me slowing down or wanting to give up, he reminds me of my goals to keep me going,” she said.


When asked what was the most challenging obstacle she faced along the way, Valerie stated, “Self-doubt.”


“Turns out I’m stronger than I thought and am realizing how great that is,” she said. “I am able to push harder and stop getting so down on myself. Mind over matter.”


Through weekly, 30-minute personal training sessions with Tom, Valerie now has a renewed sense of self-confidence, time management, and a new perspective on working out. “I am a super busy person and now I have to be on my A-game in terms of keeping my life organized,” Valerie said. “Working out is no longer a chore but something I look forward to. I make sure to squeeze in a little something every day!”


No matter your fitness level, our experienced personal trainers are ready to help you overcome your obstacles and reach your goals. Get started with a personal trainer today. 

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