3 Tricks to Help You Lose Weight

Apr 27, 2010

Written by Danielle Mudry, NC Personal Trainer, O2 Fitness @ Falls/540

We hear this alot at O2 Fitness... "I am watching my caloric intake, exercising, drinking enough water, sleeping well... why am I not losing weight?"

We all know that losing weight is exercise and DIET, but most people put too much effort on the exercise part and not enough on how many calories they consume. Here is our best advice:

1.  WRITE IT DOWN. Everything you eat, even if it's a tic tac...
2.  MEASURE IT OUT. Serving size, measure everything you eat and record the calories in your food journal.
3.  KEEP MEALS SIMPLE. Try not to eat anything that has more than 5 ingredients. If you do, all that over processed, extra stuff in there you can't pronounce is there so what you are eating will actually taste like food. It's fake. When your body doesn't know what it is, it stores it as fat.

Now take that food journal and show it to your personal trainer where you can come up with a plan and solution together! Now's the time to start getting healthy, and you've got nothing to lose but weight!

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