O2 Fitness Teams up with Club Ready

Apr 09, 2010

Written by Adam Freeman, Fitness Director @ O2 Fitness Wilmington

O2 Fitness has recently teamed up with Club Ready to provide an online program like no other (FREE of Charge) for our members!! If you are serious about getting results, there is no program like it that can help you maintain organization while staying in tune with "your calories in/calories out" routine to reach your goals.

Have you ever wished there was a program that would just log exactly what you ate, gave you suggestions of what you should eat for each meal or for you full day,  how many calories were included in your meals, how it compares to your daily caloric target, and have it all specifically designed for your body weight, basal metabolic rate and with your specific goals in mind?

How about a program that logs every exercise you complete through out a day, logs the calories your body will burn during that specific exercise, or calculates speed/distance/burned calories while mapping a specific route that you ran in your neighborhood or over at the Loop?

What if you had the opportunity to see the progress or lack of progress through professional reports designed to help you realize what you are or aren't doing correctly in your fitness routine. Whether a report shows you how much body fat you have lost over a period of time or the fact that your lack of protein is keeping you from maintaining muscle growth, this program will help.

Well, there is and O2 Fitness is allowing all of their members to be a part of a state of the art program to make it fool proof to reach your fitness goals.  Other great functions with the Club Ready program are: Goal Setting, Upcoming Event Tracker, Scheduling, Journal Entry, Custom Log Tracking (i.e. Body Fat, Weight, Measurements, Running Distances, Endurance testing, Stress levels, Energy levels, and Motivation levels), Nutritional Progress Reports, Fitness Evaluations, Progress Photo Tracking, Exercise Library, Important Fitness Articles, Community Discussions and much more.

This program has it all and if you fail to get involved with what Club Ready has to provide, you're cutting yourself short and making it hard for yourself to reach your goals.  It is truly having all the tools you need to get the results you want.

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