O2 Fitness BootCamp Basics

Aug 16, 2013

Written by: Tony Gulley, Regional Fitness Director, O2 Fitness

Boot Camp: It's everywhere these days!

It seems like everywhere you look some other gym or fitness club is offering a Boot Camp class, or someone you know is busy posting a status update about their intense Boot Camp workout.  As an O2 Fitness member, you've probably started to hear about the new 8 week BootCamp program that O2 is offering.  So let's take some time to sort out what makes O2's BootCamp so unique.


O2's 8 week program is designed to improve your:

  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • and Cardiovascular Endurance

What makes O2's BootCamp program different?

  • We offer outcome based, progressive workouts that are time efficient, improve body composition and take your fitness to the next level.
  • BootCamp classes are 60 minutes of circuit training sessions that work the whole body and cater to all fitness levels.
  • The exercises (squats, presses, core work, etc) will last 20-60 seconds before you move onto the next activity.

Our certified BootCamp instructors will motivate, educate and hold you accountable to achieving your health and fitness goals.

All participants can attend BootCamp at any of the O2 Fitness locations.  To make it even easier for you to attend, O2 is offering the same class at various times of the day. If you have any additional questions, please contact Tony at BootCamp@O2Fitnessclubs.com or visit www.o2fitnessclubs.com/bootcamp. The program begins 9/16!

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