Pickle Juice as a Cure for Leg Spasms?!

Sep 27, 2010

Written by: Chris Mitchell, GroupX Instructor, O2 Fitness Brennan & Falls

So as I kid, I used to love drinking pickle juice straight from the jar.  Gross?  Well as an adult I've assumed that it is, I've assumed it's not healthy, and even though I have really wanted to, I have resisted drinking it...until now!  In the current October 2010 Health Magazine, a workout-boosting strategy article has been published, and in that article I have learned the following about pickle juice:

Pickle Juice: Curbs Cramps

The juice relieves muscle cramps 45 percent faster than no drink and 37 percent faster than water, scientists at Brigham Young University in Utah say.  Drink 1/3 cup of it (poured straight from the pickle jar!) to ease leg and foot spasms.

If you'll excuse me, I am going to go drink pickle juice now.

* You can also find an actual Sport's Drink made from Pickle Juice! http://www.goldenpicklejuice.com/

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