Preplan Your Exercise Routine

Apr 03, 2013

Written by: Patsy M. Paliotta, O2 Fitness Express, Personal Trainer/Boot Camp Instructor

If you are like most people, you hop in your car, go to the gym, walk in and start your workout. But have you ever thought to try a slightly different pattern?


Most people go to the gym and almost always do the same thing every time they are there.

Shake up your fitness routine!

Plan ahead.

For a change of pace, try planning your workout before you walk out your front door, instead of making up your routine as you are already exercising. This has a few benefits. The first benefit is that writing ideas down tends to create even more ideas.

Put it on paper.

Seeing your workout on paper allows you to plainly see if you are doing a balanced workout.

Prep your mind.

Writing down your workout mentally prepares you for the routine that you are about to do. All of these lead to more variety and developing a better exercise program for the future.

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