Reaching your Fitness Goals Successfully with Big Picture Thinking

Jun 04, 2012

Written by: Patsy Paliotta, Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Express

When it comes to reaching your Fitness Goals, the first thing you need to have is “Desire.” After this point, the second step starts and this is where most people exercise, eat better, drink less alcohol, get more rest, etc. And so, their “Fitness Journey” is well under way and they have now taken the first two steps.

Now what usually happens after this, is that most people make progress in the first few months, but later their progress slows or stops entirely. Now, the problem here is that there is a third step that most people do not do nor they might not even know about. And that third step is this: Reevaluating the actions you have taken in the second step.

This is necessary because the progress towards reaching your Fitness Goals have slowed and you now have to determine why this is so. Most likely, the answer is that the actions taken in the second step were not done correctly or complete enough. This is the part where contemplative study comes in and where one might need to hire a Fitness Professional or personal trainer.

There are many reasons why you might not be reaching your Fitness Goals, but even so, you must start with only one factor, reevaluate it thoroughly, then put it into action again and then see what results you get the second time around. Afterwards, you reevaluate thoroughly another action that you have taken previously and again put that into action and see what new results you might get. And so on.

Fitness & Health are like any other subject matter; it can be complicated, and it takes time.  So, try to be patient and thoughtful about your Fitness Journey.

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