Showing a Little Love to Our Trainers

Feb 14, 2011

At O2 Fitness our members love their trainers.  We have received numerous complements and high praise for the dozens of trainers that work throughout our eight locations.  On Valentine’s Day we wanted to share the love. Here are just a few we wanted to share:

“Working with Terrance has not only helped me drop nearly 25 pounds in these past few months but also pushed me to dig deep down and realize how much strength and determination I have inside of me.”

“I love how you challenge me to become stronger, faster, leaner and better everyday.” –Courtney

“He appreciates each milestone, from doing a push-up correctly for the first time to finishing a 10K with a personal record.” –Laura

“Training with Tricia is like working out with a friend who won’t take any BS from you but believes in you more than you believe in yourself.” –Amanda Mancuso

“I need someone to hold me accountable but not be a drill sergeant, and Tricia fills that role remarkably well.” –Lillian McGrath

“Cindy constantly reminds me of my potential, nurtures my vision of improved health and gives me the skills to achieve my goals by sharing her knowledge of fitness and nutrition.” –Lorraine Atkinson

Thank you to our trainers for their constant hard work and dedication to getting our members healthy and fit, no matter their size, age or ability.

Interested in signing up for personal training sessions? Click here for more information and check out our trainer bio boards in each of the clubs.

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