Maximize Your Fitness with NC Personal Trainers and More

Apr 21, 2010

Written by: Lindsay Hill, Membership Consultant @ O2 Fitness Southern Village

Are you exercising to your full potential? Are you trying?  No matter  what your goal, you should be able to finish each workout knowing you  gave it your all.  The issue for many people is not knowing how to  find their true potential.  This is where personal trainers, workout  buddies, group exercise instructors, and the voice inside your head  come into play.

You need someone there to push you to your limits, and tell you that you can accomplish more.  Awesome job if you can do  that on your own every single time, for those who have never played  sports or had someone to push the limits, it is extremely hard to do.   Workout buddies can help keep you going, motivating you either in the spirit of competition, or the camaraderie of having someone else go  through the same thing.  Trainers and instructors are obvious  motivators, but they are only there to push you as far as you want to  go.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide where you want to be and  what you are willing to do to get there.  Has Body Pump gotten to be  less of a challenge? Add more weight! If you have gotten to be an  elliptical pro, try some treadmill intervals.  Try kettle bell work  instead of your regular dumbbell routine, or add some Bosu work into
the mix.  There are so many opportunities for you to succeed, simply  step outside your comfort zone, try something new, and then do it  better.

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