Get Out of Your Workout Rut with O2 Fitness' Group Exercise Classes!

Mar 31, 2010

Written by: Chantel McCraney, Front Desk Manager, O2 Fitness Southern Village

For many of us we all began the New Year determined to get more physically fit, lose weight or simply feel better about the way we see ourselves in the mirror. But now that a few months have past and the newness has worn off we are all beginning to panic that Memorial Day is only nine weeks away!!!! Most of us have hit that workout rut where we are just burned out on the treadmill or can’t stand to take one more step class so instead we have just stopped working out all together.

There are various ways to combat falling into a workout rut. For example, not letting yourself make up an excuse of why not to workout or make it an everyday habit like showering or brushing your teeth. By making these simple connections between yourself and the gym you are more likely to workout!!

Here at O2 Fitness we have many different group fitness classes and types of fitness equipment which allow every member to switch up their fitness routine and workout strategy so that we never allow you to get bored. Some of these can be instead of doing weights on the machines take a BodyPump or Cardio Sculpting Class. If running is your thing, why not try taking an RPM Class to challenge your legs in a new way. If you are a newbie at working out or want to challenge yourself to a new fitness level we offer personal trainers who are all here to help members reach their personal goals.

For more ideas on how to break out of your fitness rut check out this article over at Women's Health Magazine.

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