8 Hidden Benefits of Saturated Fat

Aug 04, 2010

Written by Alexa Nota, Front Desk @ O2 Fitness Chatham

As a result of faulty research done in the 1950s, there are common misconceptions about the dangers of saturated fats. Many people are unaware that they do offer some benefits to the body.

Benefits of Saturated Fats:

  1. Increase bone density
  2. Protect your liver from toxins
  3. Enhance the absorption of Omega-3 fatty acids
  4. Enhance your immune system
  5. Help your body heal properly
  6. Ensure proper brain development in babies and adults
  7. Help regulate hormones
  8. Promote muscle-building

As with all fats and other nutrients, however, eating the right kinds in the right quantities is important.  You should find good, wholesome natural fats. Here are some easy tips to follow when selecting food products at your grocery store.

When Food Shopping:

  • Avoid trans fat (man-made, unnatural fat) by reading the ingredients before the nutrition content and claims on the front of the packaging. FDA law allows manufacturers to label a product as trans fat free if it has less than .4 grams of trans fat per serving, so checking the ingredients will tell you whether the product is truly trans fat free.
  • Look for products with Omega 3 fatty acids as they promote heart health, help repair the body and are natural anti-inflammatory fats.
  • Select organic meats because they are a good, fresh source of wholesome and natural saturated fats. Inorganic meat comes from animals that have been fed unnatural diets and given hormones and antibiotics, and their meat is then cured in chemicals and packaged in chemical-leaking materials.
  • Research everything you eat so you know exactly what you are feeding your body, and select whole foods before processed foods as often as possible.

Have questions? Talk to an O2 Fitness personal trainer at any O2 Fitness club! We can guide you in selecting the right foods for your body, workout routine and lifestyle.

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