Why You Should Make Yoga Part of Your Fitness Plan

Sep 14, 2010

Written by Margot Martin, Yoga Instructor, O2 Fitness


When most people hear the word Yoga visions of super flexible vegetarians tying themselves into pretzels and chanting "OMMM" seems to come to mind. While I am certain that does exist out there, I would like to de-mystify Yoga for the common gym-goer.

First and foremost, Yoga is for everybody. No matter your shape, size, age, or health status there is a Yoga practice that will suit you. There are so many different styles of Yoga out there it can get rather confusing trying to sift through the lingo. You may have seen words like Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, Anusara, Bikram, Kundalini, Viniyoga, etc… While most classes are labeled my best advice is to speak to the teacher directly and find out where he or she was trained and what kinds of classes they teach. Most Yoga teachers will integrate several styles in one class to keep it interesting and also to tailor the class to the students who attend.

Benefits of Attending Group Fitness Yoga Classes

One of the greatest benefits of attending a Yoga class of any style is a feeling of accomplishment. Stepping out of your gym shoes and onto a Yoga mat can be life changing. Yoga’s influence on the body is something that will be felt immediately after your first class. There is an emphasis on stretching while maintaining proper alignment. You may be surprised by the serious toning and tightening developing in your upper body. Your lower back pain will begin to disappear with a new found awareness in your core. Yoga improves circulation, burns calories, builds lean muscle mass, increases flexibility and elevates your overall sense of well-being.

Have more questions? Come take a group fitness yoga class and find out what all the rage is about. I look forward to seeing you soon, barefoot, open-minded, and ready for a good total body workout!

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