Using NC Personal Training to Develop Your Warrior Mentality

Aug 03, 2011

Written by Drew Schultz, Kinesis Instructor and Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Falls/540

One valuable asset that will motivate and ultimately deliver you to your goals is the proper mindset- a Warrior Mentality. The Warrior Mentality accepts no excuses, thus defeat is not an option. There is no time to negotiate- you must DO IT NOW!

We find many excuses that will come to the forefront of our mind when the prospect of a workout draws near. "Oh, I don't feel like it. I'll do it tomorrow." Unfortunately, tomorrow never comes, as it becomes a vicious cycle of putting it off continually. Sometimes we are good for a few days, even weeks, only to never open the door of the club for another six months.

This is where accountability through personal training comes in. When someone is waiting for you, and believes in your capabilities more than you do, then you will perform. When you see that you are indeed capable of pushing through the physical and psychological barriers, then you will be thankful you did it. You will be well on your way to developing the Warrior Mentality.

One personal example for you- I often have early morning and late evening sessions. If I finish at 9pm, and I realize the club closes at 10pm, then I have one hour to get it done. I know what needs to be done. If I put it off, then I have failed. I could talk myself into going out for coffee, in the hopes of waking up, but then I could just as well tell myself that by the time I get back, there will not be enough time to make it worthwhile. At that point the Warrior Mentality comes to the forefront of my mind, and I know what I have to do. I tell myself, "DO IT NOW!"


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