Want the Best Resource for Results?

Apr 07, 2011

Written by: Andy Orwig, Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Brennan

Here's a hint if you aren't sure who we are talking about: They are energetic, passionate, hard-working, smart, educated, and in pretty darn good shape, and they are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! What are they? Why they are your O2 Fitness Personal Trainers!

Lately, with all of the confusion out there, and some pretty scathing articles from such magazines such as Women's Health, Men's Health, and Oxygen Magazine, Personal Training has gotten a bad rap. The articles in question mentioned horrible events that happened to new members of certain health clubs as a result of working with under-qualified and sometimes uncertified Personal Trainers.

But, what you may not know is that O2 Fitness Clubs hires only the BEST, most qualified fitness professionals, with years of experience, education, knowledge-based application, and goal-specific training. Many of our trainers have over 15 years of experience in the field.

Personal Trainers are the best resources for getting great results FAST as a member of O2 Fitness.  Why?

1. They will educate you:   A great personal trainer will be able to disseminate and wade through the myths, truths and mounds of information, and break it down into easy-to-grasp answers. Do you know your Body Mass Index? Do you know your Body-fat percentage? Do you know your target heart rate? Ask a trainer, they can tell you.

2. They will motivate you:  A great personal trainer will make your goals achievable & attainable. They will show you, through scientific principles, how to make your way, achieve, and surpass even your greatest expectations. All you need to invest is time and a little bit of money (but the investment is totally worth it!).

3. They prioritize your time in the gym:  A great personal trainer will show you how to get great results in a time-efficient manner. Think you need 90 minutes, or even 60 minutes to make great results? Think again, I can show you how to get awesome results in only 4-12 minutes! Who can beat that!?

4. They come up with new and creative ways to exercise:  Think you have to do a bench press all the time, or squats or lunges only to get results?  A great trainer will not only show you the basics, but lead you into some advanced exercises that are fun as well!

5. They do all the 'thinking' for you: Ever come into the gym wondering what the heck you are going to do? A great trainer will not only design your training sessions for you, but also take control of your other days as well. This takes the guesswork out of getting results!

6. They are more than a great investment:  Think personal training is unaffordable? Then you haven't really talked to a trainer yet.  A great trainer can sit down with you, listen to your concerns and work out a budget for your investment. You pay what you can with O2's financing and package offers. Investing in your health & preventative health is a great idea!

7. They talk the talk and walk the walk: I am a huge believer in practicing what you preach, and all of our trainers not only give you great advice and training, they practice fully what they preach.

So if you are skeptical, think you don't need training, or simply afraid, come and talk with us very soon, we'll change your mind and your body in a hurry!

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