O2 Fitness Reminds You About the Importance of Hydration During Summer

Apr 13, 2010

Written by: Jodie Popik, Group Fitness Director, O2 Fitness - Chapel Hill

With summer approaching quickly and outdoor activity increasing, it is

good to know the importance of daily water intake and what role water

plays in our bodies.

The human body consists of 75% of water.  This is the most essential

daily ingredient in our bodies.  Water helps to cleanse our bodies

from toxins and pollutants and also helps to lubricate joints.  When

the outside temperature is up, water acts as a coolant to bring the

body temperature down.  Did you know water will also help control your appetite? :)

Each day, we lose 2-3 liters of water through urintation and

perspiration.  This amount may increase during illness, exercise,

pregnancy and nursing.

Beverages most people choose to consume are counter-productive in

promoting hydration; for example:  coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks

and sugary juices.  These beverages are all considered diuretics and

will cause loss of water instead of hydration.  These beverages will

also draw water our bodies reserve.  Most fluids should be replaced by

drinking pure water and by consuming fruits and vegetables daily.

Symptoms to watch for to detect dehydration are:  irritability,

fatigue, nervousness, dizziness, weakness, and headaches.

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