Weight Loss Transformation: Zach

Apr 03, 2018

"I trained my mind that I was going to be healthy and that is what I did. Mind over matter."

With mental determination comes physical transformation. Zach decided to take his weight loss efforts seriously in January 2017. After months of hard work at O2 Fitness Pine Point, he is down 90 pounds and feeling healthier than ever.

O2 Fitness Weight Loss Transformation Zach

What was your ‘rock bottom’ or your ‘aha’ moment that made you decide to make a change?

I was just so tired of feeling the way I felt and I decided to do 

something about it. I had high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic. Finally, I flipped that switch in January of 2017 and never looked back. Now, I'm healthy and off all medication!

How did you begin to make the change? What worked for you?

I started with just diet and cardio, and then transitioned into weight training and HIIT training with Jordon Sink, general manager at O2 Pine Point.

What was the most significant or surprising change you felt?

Overall, being more confident and proving to myself that this can be done has been the biggest change, as well as being an inspiration to others. But I am never satisfied and I still work very hard. 

What is your maintenance plan?

I weight train and do cardio and in general I just stick to a healthy diet. I am more motivated now than ever.

What was O2’s role in your transformation journey?

O2 gave me the equipment and an awesome atmosphere to train in. Also, I wanted to practice what I preach. How could I inspire people to join O2 if I myself was not healthy?

What have you learned through the process?

I learned that anything is possible and that I can push myself to limits that I did not think I could reach. When I train, it's all mental. I won't give up. I learned that it is not hard once you train your mind to do it. I trained my mind that I was going to be healthy and that is what I did. Mind over matter.

What would you tell someone who wants to make a change? How would you inspire them to finally go for it?

I would show them my pictures and how far I have come, and I would tell them just how great I feel now. It's unexplainable.

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