What Burns More Calories: This or That?

Dec 29, 2011

Written by Patsy Paliotta, Personal Trainer @ O2 Fitness Express

Over the years, many clients have asked me the question, “What burns more calories: jogging or biking? The two activities I just mentioned here are just examples. But the point is that most people will research and find out what activity burns more calories. Many times they will then choose that activity thinking that they are making the right move to further their fitness goals, which is usually to lose weight.

This isn't the best approach, and definitely not the first question you want to ask when it comes to getting started towards your goals. When it comes achieving your fitness goals, it is typically not a good idea to stick to just one form of exercise that happens to burn more calories than another. The reasoning here is because the human body does much better with varied forms of exercise. In other words, cross training is the name of the game. Even if jogging burns more calories than biking, it is good to understand that in the long run, it really does not matter. Ideally you should do both forms of exercise, which would give you better overall results. You should add in even more forms of exercise for ultimate results. Cross training is more fun, safer and will allow you to reach your fitness goals faster.

Keep in mind that each form of exercise offers something of value that the other forms of exercise may not. A spoon is not better than a fork and a fork is not better than a spoon. They each provide a different service to the user. It is the same with the realm of fitness. Everything is a tool to be used in the appropriate manner and proper time.

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