What is PiYo?

Sep 03, 2019

The perfect balance between Pilates and Yoga, PiYo provides a comprehensive, low-impact workout that is perfect for both beginners and experts. Interested in giving it a try? The experts at O2 Fitness are here to help; here is everything that you need to know about PiYo.

Pilates Elements

Pilates is known for its muscle leaning effects on regular participants. Tapping into this Pilates characteristic, PiYo offers a muscle toning element that doesn't require weights or machines. Instead, participants can expect to complete holds and postures designed to engage and strengthen various muscular groups. Participants may also be guided through breathing exercises and meditative mindsets to benefit both the mind and the body.


Yoga Elements

Engaging the stretches and postures of yoga, PiYo helps participants achieve more flexible muscles and a wider range of motion. Yoga is also known for helping alleviate soreness and lengthen muscles. PiYo offers a challenging twist on traditional yoga methods. Whether you are looking for a faster pace or simply seeking to try something new, PiYo can help you improve your health and your everyday yoga practice.New call-to-action

Cardio Elements and Targeted Muscle Groups

PiYo partners these two fitness strategies at an energized pace to provide a fat-burning exercise that will leave you feeling great. The fluid, consistent movement creates a heart-pumping challenge that offers a revolutionary cardio workout. While every class and instructor is different, PiYo offers a full-body workout that helps you achieve a complete look of transformation, including workouts for the lower body, upper body, and core.

Similar Classes to PiYo

While every workout is different, there are often similarities between offerings. If you find that PiYo classes are not offered in your area, here are some similar classes that you can take advantage of:Yoga

  • O2 Ballet Barre: This class offers the same strengthening combination of yoga and pilates. While it may lean more towards the pilates side, you can find similar strengthening benefits in O2 Ballet Barre that you might find in PiYo.
  • O2 Yoga: While O2 Yoga offers more of a traditional yoga practice, you can make it as challenging as you would like with personal modifications.
  • Yoga Mojo: Similar to PiYo, Yoga Mojo partners targeted muscle strengthening with breathing exercises and lengthening yoga postures.

Contact your local O2 Fitness location to see which available classes best meet what you are looking for in a workout.

What to Wear to PiYo

No shoes or sock needed for PiYo! Instead, you can wear stretchy, comfortable clothing. Prepare to sweat during PiYo, so it is best to wear breathable clothing that can handle the heat. The ideal outfit for you is based largely on what feels best for you throughout the duration of the workout.

PiYo for Beginners

PiYo offers a wide range of modifications that allows beginners to work at their own pace. This provides a safe space to grow within the practice and become a more fit version of yourself. As you begin to feel familiar with the movements and comfortable with the level you are working in, you can begin to challenge yourself to new heights. PiYo also has 30, 45, and 60-minute classes, so if you feel unsure at the beginning, consider attending a shorter class period.

PiYo Classes Near Me | Where to Take PiYo

If you are looking for PiYo classes in North Carolina or South Carolina, the O2 Fitness Network is here for you. View our class schedules to find a PiYo class in your area! Not an O2 Fitness member yet? Give PiYo a try with a free trial O2 Fitness membership. Sign up online or at your local O2 Fitness location today!

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