3 New Fitness Classes to Try This Summer

Jun 19, 2023

3 New Fitness Classes to try this Summer

Looking to shake up your routine this summer? There are plenty of new and exciting classes to choose from that can help you reach your wellness goals this season.

We found 3 new group fitness classes you should try this summer to help change up your workout routine. These classes are guaranteed to challenge your body, mind, and comfort zone!

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Les Mills Classes

You might have heard of Les Mills classes before. But now is the best time to give them a try!

Les Mills BodyPump is the original barbell group fitness class designed to help you build strength and muscle. If you want a challenging class to get you moving toward reaching your fitness goals, BodyPump might be the class for you! Give it a try this summer to help refine your muscles and your confidence.

If you're looking for something a little different to start with, Les Mills has a variety of other group fitness classes that mix exercise science, motivation, and energy to help you fall in love with fitness! Other Les Mills workout classes include:

  • Les Mills RPM. An indoor cycling class that effectively targets and conditions your legs, core, and cardio strength (all while listening to some fun, fresh beats!)
  • Les Mills BodyCombat. This class is a full-body workout that combines self-defense with cardio.
  • Les Mills BodyBalance. A challenging and effective Les Mills approach to traditional Yoga.
  • Les Mills BodyJam. Hip-Hop, House, and all styles of electronic dance music are the soul of this dance cardio class.
  • Les Mills BodyAttack. An intense full-body workout that combines simple moves in challenging circuits to help you build stamina.
  • Les Mills TONE. Your optimal mix of core, strength, and cardio in 45-minutes of functional training exercises.

Zumba Fitness Classes

Zumba is another effective workout that can build muscle strength while helping you get outside your comfort zone. While it can seem intimidating to go dance like no one's watching in a room full of strangers, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it!

This workout involves dancing and having a good time while burning calories based on a calculated workout formula, making it both fun and effective. There are also classes with varying stages of modifications designed to accommodate every level and comfort zone, so you will never feel behind or out of place in your Zumba Fitness class.

Zumba classes are actually constructed for inclusion and confidence building. The best way to see for yourself is to give it a try this summer for a fun, fit summer!New call-to-action

Yoga Classes

While you might think that yoga workouts are reserved specifically for a certain body type or experience level, you will find that these circuits are more inclusive than they may seem to be.

These classes can improve your strength, flexibility, and mindfulness while engaging all of your muscles in a deep stretch. Plus, there are plenty of different yoga classes to choose from!

For example, Vinyasa Flow Yoga is more like a traditional yoga practice, while Power Yoga provides a more challenging flow, and Pilates Yoga classes combine the best of Pilates and yoga for a balanced workout.

If you are unsure what yoga classes are right for you, feel free to ask an instructor! Yoga instructors want you to feel comfortable and succeed in your practice, so they would be happy to give you insight on which would be best for you based on your interest, fitness goals, and skill level. 

Allow yoga to be your escape this summer to help you feel at peace during the busy summer season.

What class are you going to try first?

This summer, challenge yourself to try something new with O2 Fitness’ diverse classes. Whether you hope to work out your mind, body, mobility, or all three, O2 Fitness has what you want this season. Sign up and try these classes risk-free today with our 21-day free trial pass!

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