Carolina Hurricanes Workout Week 1

Jan 07, 2023


The Carolina Hurricanes Strength and Conditioning Coach, Bill Burniston, knows that just like his players, you don't need to spend a ton of time in the gym or constantly doing high-impact and high-intensity sets to see performance-enhancing results from your workouts.

That's why he created this quick 30-minute workout for our Train Like the Canes game-day workout series!

Each of these unique workouts requires minimal equipment and aims to help you build strength while also including a variety of stretches and exercises to improve your mobility and flexibility.

Watch and listen to Burniston as he runs through the entire workout above, and keep reading for more information on how to perform each movement, including the warm-up and cooldown!

Game Day Workout Week 1

Equipment needed: yoga mat (optional), foam roller, dumbbells/kettlebells, cable machine, TRX bands.

Directions: Burniston structured these workouts to start with simple tissue preparation exercises to help lengthen the muscles before the workout to make them more effective at producing powerful contractions. Start with the tissue preparation exercises listed below and keep scrolling to follow the warm-up, workout, and recovery blocks. Complete each move back-to-back in the circuits with a 30-second rest between each round.

Click here to find step-by-step tutorials for all the exercises in this workout!

Tissue Preparation: 1 Round

Name Time/Reps
Foam Roll - Glute Med. 30 Seconds - Each Side
Foam Roll - Hip Adductor 30 Seconds - Each Side

Quadruped Adductor Stretch with T-Spine Rotation

5 Reps - Each Side


Warm Up: 1 Round

Name Time/Reps
Glute Bridge 15 Reps
Airplane 3 Reps - Each Side
Reverse Lunge 3 Reps - Each Side
Heel to Glute with Alternating Arms Reaching 5 Reps - Each Side
March In Place 10 Yards


Block 1: 3 Rounds

Name Time/Reps
Goblet Squat w. Kettlebell 10 Reps
TRX Row 10 Reps
Seated T-Spine Rotation 5 Reps - Each Side


Block 2: 3 Rounds

Name Time/Reps
Single Arm Lateral Pull Down 8 Reps - Each Side
Lunge Pulse 30 Seconds - Each Side
Reach, Roll, and Lift 5 Reps


Block 3: 2 Rounds

Name Time/Reps
Kneeling Cable Lift 8 Reps - Each Side
Side Plank 15 Seconds - Each Side
Thoracic Rotation - Heel Sit 5 Reps - Each Side


Regeneration: 1 Round

Name Time/Reps
Foam Roll - Hamstring 30 Seconds
Foam Roll - Glute Max. 30 Seconds
Hyperice - VMO 30 Seconds


Although strength and conditioning workouts are a great way to include multiple exercises that are beneficial to improving someone's all-around fitness, we each have different focuses that we want to address in our training.

Make adjustments on your own or use a complimentary training session with an O2 Fitness Personal trainer to learn how to make the best adjustments based on your current strength and ability level!

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