Carolina Hurricanes Workout Week 6

Feb 25, 2023

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The Carolina Hurricanes Strength and Conditioning Coach, Bill Burniston, knows that just like his players, you don't need to spend a ton of time in the gym or constantly doing high-impact and high-intensity sets to see performance-enhancing results from your workouts.

That's why he created this quick 30-minute workout for our Train Like the Canes game-day workout series!

Watch the video above to see Coach Burniston as he runs through today's workout and gives you specific tips for the more challenging moves!

Game Day Workout Week 5

Tissue Preparation: 1 Round

Name Time/Reps
Foam Roll - Quads 30 Seconds
Foam Roll - Glutes 30 Seconds
Bird Dog 5 Reps

Warm Up: 1 Round

Name Time/Reps
Glute Bridge 15 Reps
Knee Hug 3 Reps - Each Side
Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch 3 Reps - Each Side
Lateral Squat 3 Reps - Each Side
Stationary Skip 10 Seconds

Block 1: 3 Rounds

Name Time/Reps
DB Hip Thrust 8 Reps
DB High Pull 6 Reps
Reach, Roll, Lift 5 Reps - Each Side


Dumbbell Hip Thrust Form Tips from Coach Bill Burniston!

Block 2: 3 Rounds

Name Time/Reps
Single-Leg Goblet Squats 6 Reps - Each Side
DB Front Squat 8 Reps 
Knee to Wall Ankle Mobility 5 Reps - Each Side


Single-Leg Goblet Squat Form Tips from Coach Bill Burniston!

Block 3: 2 Rounds

Name Time/Reps
Plank 45 Seconds
Side Plank 45 Seconds
Shoulder CARV 5 Reps - Each Side


Shoulder CARV Form Tips from Coach Bill Burniston!

Regeneration: 1 Round

Name Time/Reps
Trigger Point - Foot Arch 30 Seconds
Trigger Point - Thoracic Spine 30 Seconds
Foam Roll - Glutes 30 Seconds


Make these workouts fit your own goals and abilities when you use a complimentary training session with an O2 Fitness certified personal trainer!

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