It Takes Two: Couples Workout

Sep 24, 2019

Did you know that working out with a partner helps you push yourself harder, boosts your workout performance, and decreases stress levels? Grab your significant other for this fun, challenging partner workout from O2 Fitness Brier Creek personal trainers and Karissa Umpenhour and Justin Brocious.

Low Plank Hops

No Equipment Needed

One person holds a low forearm plank while the second person does lateral squat jumps over the person planking. Perform this exercise for 30 seconds and switch.

Trainer Tip: Keep a straight line from your head to heels in the plank and sink into a full squat for momentum during the lateral jumps.

High Plank High-Five Push-Ups

No Equipment Needed

Face each other on the floor in a high plank position on your palms. Lower down to a push-up together and when you raise back to high plank, reach your opposite hands out for a high five. Perform 12 push-ups and high-fives.

Trainer TipModify this move by lowering to your knees for the push-ups.New call-to-action

Connected Foot Glute Bridges

No Equipment Needed

Lay on your backs with knees raise off the ground, shins parallel to the floor, and the bottoms of your feet touching. Pushing one foot together against your partner's, raise your connected feet and hips into the air for a glute bridge. Perform 6 and switch legs.

Trainer Tip: Keep your core tight and push through the heel for stability.

Wheelbarrow Push-Up & Deadlift

No equipment needed

One person lowers into high plank while the other person is standing, holding their partner's feet. The person on the ground lowers into one push-up and the person standing follows up with a deadlift, bending at the knees and hinging at the hips while maintaining a straight back. Perform 12 and switch. 

Trainer Tip: In the push-up position, keep your back flat, core tight, and lower as much as possible.

Crunch Ball Toss

Equipment Needed: Medicine Ball

Lay flat on the ground with knees bent, toes touching, and one person holding a medicine ball at their chest. Both people crunch up as the person holding the ball tosses it straight ahead to their partner. Lower and repeat for 20 tosses.

Trainer Tip: Keep the ball close to your chest as you lower down.

Bulgarian Lunge & Holding Squat

No equipment needed

One person lowers into a lunge with their back foot resting in the hands of the other person. The standing person lowers into a squat and holds in that position while the lunging person performs 12 lunges. Switch legs for 12 more lunges, and then switch positions with your partner.

Trainer Tip: As you lunge, keep your weight in the heel of your standing foot and don't let your bending knee drift past your front toes. 

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