Member Transformation: Dash

Jul 16, 2018
"Transformation is never easy for anyone. It takes hard work, discipline, and dedication." - Dash Gamble
Before joining O2 Fitness, Dash Gamble had developed a lifestyle of poor choices and addictions and was surrounded by friends who didn't have his best interests in mind.
After a severe car accident left him at rock bottom both physically and emotionally, doctors told Dash that due to his unhealthy lifestyle, he was at risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart and liver disease. He was even on the verge of having a stroke if something didn't change.
"I was scared and realized for the first time in my life that I needed to make a change," he said. "A change for the better."
It was at that point that Dash was inspired to turn his life around and joined O2 Fitness Summerville in May 2016. The staff and trainers at Summerville welcomed Dash with open arms and were ready to support his goal to get healthy. With unwavering commitment and a new support system of trainers and workout partners, Dash quickly began to see results. 
"First, you have to show up," he said. "Second, you have to train the mind and then the body. Third, no matter what, always do cardio!"
In addition to dedicating himself to daily workouts, a significant nutrition change helped Dash through his transformation. "I quit the everyday booze, soda, fast food, candy, sweet tea, and changed my diet. I replaced it with healthier options like chicken, fish, veggies, low-fat milk, and strawberries." Dash said. 
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Since joining O2 Fitness just two years ago, Dash has now lost a total of 80 pounds and lowered his body fat to less than 10 percent. Dash's transformation is a great example of what hard work and dedication can do.
"Joining O2 Fitness was the best decision that I have made in my life!" he said. "I feel 10 times better."
For anyone looking to make a change like Dash did, he recommends finding something in the gym that you enjoy doing and no matter what, stick with it. Showing up over and over again will only lead to amazing results. 
"What I learned along the way is the famous quote 'If you can see it, you can be it.' That is my message to anyone looking to make a change for the better," Dash said. "Keep going because you never know where this journey will take you!"
Congratulations to Dash on behalf of all of us at O2 Fitness! Want to see more incredible member transformations?

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