Spring into Action with Renew

Mar 04, 2022

Finally, springtime is upon us and it’s time to spring into action to achieve those New Year’s resolutions we may have been slacking on during the last month (or two.)

Maintenance of a consistent workout regimen demands the maintenance of a healthy body. But what’s the best way to keep your body healthy, active, and strong? Preventing injury and optimizing performance are good places to start! Herein lies the difference between PROACTIVE healthcare and REACTIVE healthcare.

In the proactive approach, we identify factors that may increase our risk of injuries such as muscle imbalances, tightness, decreased range of motion, stability deficits, and training errors. Addressing these issues BEFORE we develop an injury will not only decrease our risk of injury in the future but also improve our performance in the gym presently!

Conversely, reactive healthcare means we develop an injury and THEN seek a solution to manage our pain. This approach often results in sidelining our typical workout routine for several weeks, if not months, until our body heals. Unfortunately, even once our pain is under control we are at increased risk of future injury. Those of us who have experienced an injury are well aware of the frustration that accompanies starting back at square one. This is certainly not the season to FALL BACK in the progress you are making towards your goals when you could SPRING FORWARD instead!

How exactly do I spring into action to avoid injury, you ask? Luckily Renew Physiotherapy has a solution for you! Your physiotherapist will perform a full-body screen, identifying any factors that may increase your risk of developing injury or could be limiting your performance in the gym. From there, your physiotherapist will implement a customized plan that will surely add a little spring to your step and assist you in achieving your goals. 

Interested in making an appointment? Stop by your Renew office, email Shaina.byler@renewphysiotherapy.fit, call 919-791-6678, or visit physiotherapy.o2fitnessclubs.com to schedule.

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