Trainer Tip: Abdominal Ball Hold

Aug 24, 2018

Looking to sculpt stronger abs? Take a break from the crunches and try this challenging move from O2 Fitness Brennan Station Personal Trainer Charles Fritzen. Grab a medicine ball and a buddy and get to work on the abdominal ball hold.



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Workout: Abdominal Ball Hold

Targets: Core

Personal Trainer: Charles Fritzen, O2 Fitness Brennan Station, Raleigh, NC

1. Stand shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent holding a medicine ball with a buddy standing in front of you.

2. Hold the medicine ball out in front of your midsection. 

3. As your buddy pushes on the one side of the ball, keep the ball as still as possible and don't move your hips.

4. Engage your core during this move so that your midsection is doing all the work.

5. Alternate sides and continue for a challenging ab workout.


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