Trainer Tip: Ball Pikes

May 10, 2018

Working towards that summer six-pack? Look no further than ball pikes.  This move is a highly effective challenge for your core as well as a workout for your shoulders. 


Workout: Ball Pikes

Targets: Abs, Shoulders

Personal Trainer: Charles Fritzen, O2 Fitness Brennan Station, Raleigh, NC

1. Grab a Swiss ball and position your knees on top of the ball, your hands on the floor in a plank position, and legs straight.

2. Brace your abs and lift your hips into the air to form an inverted V, aligning the hips with the shoulders.

3. As you lower your hips, contract your abs and push out with the shoulders. 

4. Repeat, moving slowly with control. 

For an easier alternative, bend your knees, tuck them into your chest, and slowly straighten the legs. 


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