Trainer Tip: Sliders on the Turf

May 03, 2018

Sliders aren't just for moving furniture. These small, slippery disks can give you a challenging upper body, lower body, and core workout - the possibilities are endless! Hit the functional training turf and give sliders a try with these tips from James Island Fitness Director Brittany Corbett



 Workout: Sliders on the Turf

Targets: Upper Body, Lower Body, Core

Personal Trainer: Brittany Corbett, O2 Fitness James Island

Move 1:  Croc Walk

1. With a slider under each foot, get down into a tabletop position.

2. Slide your legs straight back and walk forward with your hands, keeping core tight. 

Move 2: Reverse Lunge

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 5.24.37 PM

1. With a slider under each foot, plant your left foot and slide your right leg back into a deep lunge. 

2. Pull up with your core keeping chest up and high. 

Move 3: Spider Crunch

1. Get onto all fours and kick legs backwards into a high plank position. 

2. Pull right leg in and across abdominals towards left side, then back out. 

3. Alternate legs to work both obliques. 


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